Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Winter Here

Nothing like a little touch of winter -- actually couldn't read my paper on the porch yesterday -- to keep  you inside and get you working on a new quilt.  This one will be a bit bigger than the others and should be a nice size for a queen or king sized bed.  I have a very limited palette to work with here but will play around with different patterns for the blocks so should be fun.  I made a third variation but not enough contrast in it so it may not make the cut for the final quilt.  I did like the block though and it gave me the idea for a couple of more variations.  
It wasn't cold enough to keep me away from a walk by the lake this afternoon.  It is amazing how fast the days are getting longer and I was there a good hour later than I was a month and a half ago.  There was quite a flock of Scaups there -- all Lesser Scaups I think, males and females and they were whizzing up and down the lake.

A closeup up one of the males as he swam by. This is the most  Scaups I have seen on the lake.

This Coot with his bright red eye was begging to have his picture taken as well.  The Coots weren't all scrunched together like they usually are.

I'm heading to Charlotte this weekend for a last visit with my oldest daughter before I head back north in a couple of weeks!  So hopefully the snow will hold off up there!

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