Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Progress Countdown

Well, I thought I would make it easy on everyone and so put the components of the latest of my Serendipity quilts together so you could see the fabric, the background hexagons and the fabric I will be using to construct the more complex stars (which also have the kalaidoscopic centers).  I am trying to focus a bit more on the base fabric this time.  Let's see if I can do it or whether I will have my usual compulsion to make it more graphic!  I just hate to buy anymore brown fabric while down here as I have such a stash of it at home.  I am going to emphasize all but the red which I will use very sparingly as I don't want it to look like another Christmas quilt.  The base fabric that I used to make the kalaidoscopic blocks is probably 20 years old bought off a sale table of a store no longer in existence for use as a quilt back.  It is one of those "what was I thinking" fabrics but is great for making these blocks as it has a 27 inch repeat and I had a ton of it!

After 25 years, I am nearing the end of this Baltimore Album.  It laid as blocks for 24 years, then as an unfinished top for another  year.  This trip I added the border of appliqued leaves onto it.  I had originally intended to do them with no break but the logistics just didn't work out and it needed the thin green break from the inside (the white sateens are slightly different shades!).  Now I have to be creative in the four corners where I will probably applique hearts. 

This is a closeup of the upper right corner of the quilt to show the corner.  The quilt is about 92" x 92" now.  After I get those hearts appliqued, will get it backed, basted and then  will proceed with one heck of a lot of hand quilting!  At least I am working with old sateen which is like butter to quilt through and will be using a wool batt as well as this is my favorite for hand quilting. 

 I use pliers when hand quilting to save my hands from the pulling through of the needles as this is the toughest part with which this old body has to deal.

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