Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Sisterly Visit

Well here are the Baker sisters.  My sister Gail also has a blog which you can see on the left hand column of my blog.  She came up for a visit and to see the Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar which was held here last week.  During the past year and a half she has become an avid quilter and fabric stroker!  My goal was to keep her busy and away from the clutter and dust which is my house!  I think I succeeded!  As soon as she got off the plane, I took her to the movies with friends.  The next day, we headed south to Letchworth Park where hopefully we would have some picture taking opportunities and there might be some birds (there really wasn't).  This picture was taken looking over the Genesee River by a nice passerby.   You will note we both have cameras around our necks but I had two, hence the picture.  It is rare to see us without said cameras.

This is looking down the gorge at the river.  It has been very dry around here.

These are one of the three sets of falls in Letchworth Park.  It was a gorgeous day out!

This is an Eyed Brown butterfly, one that I haven't seen before.

This picture and the following picture are of the Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly which is pretty common in these parts.  Fun to play with the camera to get the pictures.

After this excursion (and no food I might add -- my sister thrives on neglect), we took the long way home through Batavia where I lived before moving to Rochester.  Managed to drive around in circles for about a half an hour before heading home but I did see the old house although it is barely recognizable! 

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