Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Newly Dyed Fabrics - Part II

Well, as promised, here is the matrix showing the colors I used (Prochem's names) and the percentage Weight of Goods (WOG - ie, 3% = 3 gms of dye per 100 gms of fabric which is about 1/2 tsp per one yard).  I think my scanner scanned a little light as the sun  yellow and lemon yellow on the far left are actually lime green -- in fact looks like it took some blue out of everything - hm..  I have decided once and for all that lemon yellow is hideous and I haven't found any thing that it goes well with!!  I may actually dump my remaining powder!

This is an older example of overdyeing.  The scanner didn't pick up my pencil scribble so it is left to right -- 3% sun yellow, 3% mixing red, 3% fuchsia, 3% turquoise and 3% Intense Blue.  There are no examples of these like above as I use them so often.  Down the side is 2% Mixing Grey, 2% Black 902, 2% black 908, 2% Black 909, and my black which is a mix of 2 parts navy and 1 part strong orange in a 2% solution.  I loved some of the deep reds we got here.  You can see how good the navy/strong orange grey/black is.

I have included two of the sheets that I made gradations of all my stock of colors so that you can see the different shades at the different strengths.  The darkest is 6% and it decreases by half right to left.  The first one is grape, basic blue, mixing blue, and intense blue.

 The second one is navy blue, turquoise, apricot (a diluted strong orange) and strongest red (a mix, not a pure color).

These, however, are the charts I use to keep track of my dyeing results -- these and of course my dyeing "Bible" that I made in the Carol Soderlund course to which I added 4 or 5 additional sets of primaries (her class consists of making colors with three sets of primaries.  I calculated that just using the primary pure colors plus strongest red, you could make sixty different combinations of primaries!!  Even I am not that much of a gluten for punishment!  If you add in Boysenberry and Grape and call them "reds", there are even more!

You can see from the above that I got some nice blues to add to my stash and have again fallen in love with Basic Blue.  I had neglected it because it discharges to a dull beige and isn't that dark a color but it is such a pretty hue!

And of course the requisite Monarch butterfly picture.  The  neighbor's butterfly bush is out early this  year so hopefully we will see some different varieties as the days go on. Our garden is covered with flowers as well which would make a pretty backdrop to these beautiful creatures!  I was really just playing with the zoom on the new camera -- it does pretty well!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Don't dump your lemon yellow. It's a great color.
I dyed many pieces with it and then I do shibori over it.
I just ran out and will be ordering more.

Beth Brandkamp said...

Well, maybe we will give it one more chance!

Gail Baker said...

Bill looked at the picture of your butterfly and said "That's a beautiful quilt!"