Thursday, July 19, 2012

Practicing What We Learned at Marcia's

This is the Ricky Tims Convergence quilt that Priscilla made some time ago from some of Ricky's fabric.  It is obvious why he dyes his fabric like he does as you can see how well it works up in this piece.

 Priscilla is working on a new jacket using a fabric that has molas along the edge.  Her mola quilt is in the background -- she was working on Seminole strips to surround these blocks.
Marcia is going through some of the quilted saris that Priscilla recently got from India!  She kindly offered them to us first and it took a lot of determination not to buy!
Gail did the "caveman" cutting that Ricky demonstrated layering two pieces of fabric and free hand cutting these tulips.  She then started sewing them back together using Ricky's piecing techniques for curves.  She really had it under control by the end of the day!!  And with some urging, she finished both by the time we left.  

If this looks familiar, it is because I had already completed two quilts using these blocks.  I have been cleaning  out stuff and came upon yet another 56 blocks!!  This is about the best I can do with these odd blocks although I think I did shift a couple more before calling it quits for the day.  I couldn't believe I had more of these blocks.  Now I know I have a large plastic bag full of a green version of these  in my "project" pile....

Here my sister is inspecting her first tulip and picking up the next set of pieces to sew back together.  She is trying to decide whether to make two more or not for a wall hanging.  We will make an art quilter out of her yet!!

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