Monday, July 9, 2012

A Change of Scenes?

Just for a change of scene, thought I would publish some heretofore unpublished pictures I took of Colin Firth and Emily Blunt in Wilmington when they were filming Arthur Newman, Golf Pro although the name of the film may have been changed by now.    It is supposed to come out sometime next  year and I am really looking forward to it as I watched it being filmed at five different locations -- my family claims I am a stalker but a real stalker would have stayed up past 10 pm I think for some of the filming - I drew the line at 10 pm!

Colin was off in the distance here and it just amazes me that somehow you never see all the equipment that is used in the filming as you can see here.  Most of the time he wasn't actually filming, he would be chatting with Emily or some of the crew.  I got to see Emily close up later on and she is just beautiful -- I think much prettier than she looks in the movies.  I have seen a lot of her films and she is a really fine actress so should be interesting to see the final movie.
They were actually either filming or rehearsing here.  I was awfully close and the crew was very cordial and chatty although I was asked finally not to take any more pictures by Colin's assistant/driver so I of course immediately put the camera away.  Up until then, no one seemed to mind.  For the rest of the time, I tried to keep the young children from the neighborhood (who were very curious about what was going on) quiet.  They were really cute and made waiting for my meet/greet very pleasant!.  I would take pictures of them and then show them which delighted the younger ones! 

My reward for not taking any more pictures of the shoot was to get to meet Colin and get my picture taken with him.  It had never occurred to me to ask for a picture taken with him -- it was his suggestion.  I really only wanted a nice picture I could use for the Colin quilt!!  As I was there by myself,  his assistant was called upon to take the picture .  I had it all set up except forgot to push back the telephoto so she was frustrated and handed me back the camera which I fixed (in the dark) and then she took my picture with Colin.   I was so starstruck I almost forgot to tell Colin how much I loved him in the King's Speech which was the reason I wanted to meet him in the first place!!  He was walking away by the time I remembered but he turned and gave me a huge smile and a thank you.  

The back story here is that I had only intended to be away from the house for an hour or so and had forgotten my phone.  As my Facebook friends know, I was gone for close to 5 hours, and my husband was frantic (he had called all the hospitals and even the police by the time I got home).  My daughter tried to assure him that there was probably a "Colin story" (it was the day before that I had gotten some earlier pictures).  He was beyond ticked when I got home and I didn't mention Colin's name for awhile.  The police arrived while I was there and wanted to make sure I was okay. (Note:  not a good idea to say to the police you are going to kill your wife when she gets home!).  He got over it pretty quickly as I fixed him a very late dinner and kept my mouth shut about the many times he has disappeared on walks for hours and how worried I get!!  My daughter told me it was not a good idea to mention this so I just begged forgiveness.


jburkhart said...

I am also a quilter who has become enamored by Colin. Thanks for sharing you experience. Read somewhere he is the thinking women's sex symbol. Works for me.
Janet Burkhart

Beth Brandkamp said...

Who could help but admire a man whose mom was a Ph.D and whose wife is not only beautiful but a Ph.D as well! He seems to be a really nice man -- he certainly has impeccable manners and keeps well hidden if he has any bad traits!

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Ohmigosh! I would have loved to be in your shoes! Just to see Colin Firth would be awesome, but to be able to meet him!! Brilliant! I love all his work - his Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice is my fave, then I loved Bridget Jones and also his little 'story' in the Love Actually movie. I am a big movie fan so it would be fascinating too to be able to watch them filming! Good on you! And nice to know your hubby cares about you enough to search for you like that! :-)

Karen Wasylowski said...

Hi Beth, I have a blog - The League of British Artists and found your blog through a mutual follow of both of ours. I put a link on my blog to this lovely article you wrote about Colin Firth - hope you don't mind. I of course gave your name and you all the credit - although I would have sacrificed a lung to be able to see him in person! Great pictures.