Monday, July 30, 2012

The Jacket Overachiever

Finally finished the jacket that I started in the kimono jacket class that Priscilla taught a couple of weeks ago.  I then proceeded to go through a bunch of fabric from which I had long ago intended to make jackets .  As I am in major cleanup phase, figured now was the time as I do like the casualness of the jacket and the ease of making.   So in best obsessive  Beth style,  I quickly cut out four more and finished them off last night.  The jacket is really simple and you make a pattern  to your own measurements with Priscilla's help.     The first jacket above had pretty routine fabric so Priscilla helped me by providing some strips that I could incorporate.  There is a bigger strip in the back.   The band is one of my hand dyed sateens with a little bit of purple silk.  The jacket is made from  a scarf that is two sari's sewn together which is what creates the stripes.  It ends up a 30 inch by 2 yard piece of double sided silk.

This  was a real stretchy  fabric I bought at a sale a couple of years ago.  It has lots of bling on it as well (although you can't see from the picture).  I thought it would make a nice sweater kind of jacket and I do like it a lot! !

This was another sale piece of fabric that was loosely woven (had to serge all the inside seams so it wouldn't fall apart).  I am not crazy about this one.  It has a silk dupioni  band.  Just not my color and kind of boring.

 Another piece of fabric that I found really  cheaply at Joann's,  so it came home with me   !  It is double sided and I like the way it turned out as well and it will look great with black pants!

This turned out to be my favorite.  I bought the piece of fabric (an old rayon I think) a few years ago at a garage sale.   I had thought I was going to make a bog coat out of it but really liked this one finished.  I just turned the fabric inside out for the band and added a little  of my hand dyed gold fabric for accent . 

Amazingly all the jackets  used the same pattern and they all fit a little differently due to the difference is fabric!

Peaking out from behind all the jackets is this quilt top which is the remaining blocks from the two previous quilts I made! !  Guess the remaining six blocks will never find a home now!!   This is just screaming to me for some applique on top so may try the Ricky Tims or  Libby Lehman techniques to add some fused on applique.

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