Friday, March 8, 2013

Ft. Fisher Aquarium Visit

No, this isn't a sculpture.  It is a white alligator which makes its home at the Ft. Fisher Aquarium which is the largest aquarium in North Carolina and houses representatives of all the local species as well as provides teaching exhibits.  It is a must for all guests down here and is about a mile from the beach house.  The alligator is probably six or seven feet long.

They have large tanks with representatives of all the local fish.  This is the Gar which is very common in at least the Brunswick River.  They are very large and long and a fresh water fish.

They have a nice jellyfish exhibit as well. 

There were a number of these Quail walking around the exhibit of the local fauna although their plummage effectively hides them.  The wood ducks were hiding the day we were there.

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Gail Baker said...

That white alligator is awesome!