Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's a Bird; Oops, It's Surfers

I was at the south end of the Ft. Fisher walk and saw what I thought were large black ducks in the distance.  There were quite a few of them bobbing in the water.  On closer inspection, however......

 There were a lot of Laughing Gulls also which are now very easy to identify as they almost have their full summer plummage -- the bright black heads not present in the winter.

They have begun beach renourishment and this dredge has been up and down the coast in front of our house three or four times a day.  They get the sand from way out and bring it in to renourish the shores.  There are huge piles of pipes on the beach which will carry it onshore eventually.  Warren says he has spotted huge bulldozers deep in the water.

I can't resist the live oaks down at Ft. Fisher on a nice day -- just such wonderful shapes.

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