Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Mola Quilt Top is As Done As It Will Get Down Here!

 I have had company while finishing the lone star mola quilt.  These are my daughter LJ's two kitties who I am babysitting for a few weeks while she does some company business in Brazil.  There are three kitty beds on this bed alone but they insist on putting thirty pounds of cat in just one.  They are good companions for my quilt endeavors though!!

 You can see I am nearing the end with the quilt here.  I had finished the four corners and was testing how wide to make the strip around the outside.  I am using the little Brother Pacesetter I have down here as I didn't want to ruin the needle on my Juki (they are expensive and I have to order them online) and the Brother uses normal needles!

Now the corners are attached!

And I have added the outside border as well here.  It measures 61 1/2 inches square and I have yet to decide whether to more either all the way around or just the top and bottom or just leave it.  I figure it will be a good ad for my friend Priscilla's molas!!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of these immature ibis down at Ft. Fisher.  They look like they may get their white coat soon.

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Elaine said...

Beth, the mola quilt is spectacular! Will it be done for the show in June? ......Elaine