Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Some Pretty Scaup Pictures!

I have taken many pictures of these birds and even some fairly close up but yesterday the background was the irresistible part!!  There were quite a few of these male Lesser Scaups on the lake yesterday but this one was hanging about in the reeds which are beginning to "green" up a bit now that it is March.

He turned around and started away from me in the other direction.  It was a cloudy day and I thought it was going to give way to rain, but it resisted.

I am pretty sure one of these pics will make it into a duck quilt at some point!
I was very surprised to see this and another of the Yellow Bellied Sliders sitting up on the dead reeds.  They don't seem to be as timid as before(even from a distance they would go dashing into the water when they saw me).  The Coots were again out of the water yesterday and wandering around.  They are just getting very adjusted to people I guess. One person commented that they had seen lots of Coots but never one out of the water and I must confess until this year, I said the same thing. 

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