Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just a Little More Dyeing....

It has been pretty hectic but there was still enough time to do a little more ice dyeing.  This time I decided to use up some of my Pro Chem Black 602A which is at least 14 years old.  I bought a pound back then and it is a mixed dye that I only use in very small quantities.  I also decided I would throw in some of the Grape (purple) that has also been languishing since the first year it was offered at Pro Chem as I didn't think it was a dark enough color.  

This is a picture of one of the two pieces I did.  It is about 75 inches by 45 inches and thought it was pretty cool.  This black breaks down very nicely with lots of pretty blues.  This was on the Egyptian cotton but I think it will be great on the sateen as well.  I had it folded the way I fold my fabrics after scouring and I forgot to unfold it before doing the soda ash soak so just left it that way and scrunched.

This is the second piece using the same dye colors.  

I finished the purse that I used for the demo on Thursday.  The more solid piece is an old snow dyed piece of fabric and the brightly colored one is a commercial batik.  This is a Lazy Girl pattern that I enlarged to make a bigger purse.

This shows the inset zipper on top that didn't get quite done during the demo.

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Lori S said...

Those ice dyes are beautiful. I might have to try done black too!