Thursday, August 8, 2013

Since There are Few Birds and Fewer Butterflies, More Ice Dyeing is in Order!

Since the husband is away, the wife will spend her days playing with dyes and using the washing machine continuously!!  For two days I did more ice dyeing.  This time instead of the two yard pieces, I used one yard pieces and folded them across the width.  Each of these pieces is about 42 by 36 inches.  This was using red and grape.

This is blue and grape.

This is grape, yellow, blue and green.

This is grape, yellow, blue and green like above.

This is grape, a little blue, green and yellow.

This is blue and a couple of reds.

This is green and golden yellow.

This is green and yellow again.

I think this is one of my favorites with lots of yellow, some green, blue and grape.

Serendipiditously, this looks like the pattern was repeated on the top and bottom.  Wonder if I can do this purposely?  It is difficult to control where the dye powders go as I just spoon them up when spreading them and sometimes they stick together, etc.

Another using blue and red.  I thought there would be more overlap but they don't really overlap much!

This is red, orange and yellow.  I did three of these and I think I prefer more contrast although this is okay.  The red just isn't dark enough so maybe a little brown next time.

I must say that as usual, when I pulled the "experiments" from yesterday from the microwave, I was sure I was going to hate them all (same thing I thought the day before).  Out of the twenty pieces I did, there are probably two that I considered so so after washing and drying.  I just love this technique and really think that this is about the only way to get the kind of repeatable interesting patterns that this technique enables.  I have gotten repeatable patterns with accordion folding before, but none as intricate as these are.  I almost want to frame some of these!!  It has been fun to try different "crops" to see the most pleasing compositions!

The day wouldn't be complete without including a picture of the beautiful flower arrangement from my dear husband!  I just love the tropical blooms!


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

Hi Beth... these are gorgeous. I will try to follow your technique on silk, which is my fabric of choice. Thanks for posting. I found this through Barbara's link on MX dyers.

Beth Brandkamp said...

Last time I looked at the Mashall Dry Goods site, they didn't have any pfd fabric. Maybe it is wholsale only? It would be great to be able to still get it there as it was super cheap -- the last time I saw it, I ordered 200 yards!