Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Still More Ice Dyeing -- I'm on a Roll!!

Well, this is just too addictive because it is probably the simplest dyeing I have done with the most interesting results (at least I think so).  It is also just great for getting rid of these ancient mixed dyes I have -- and I mean ancient -- most are 10 to 15 years old!!  They seem to do just fine though.  The only one I have had any problem with is yellow and I think that is because yellow doesn't dissolve that well in high concentrations -- it just kind of glops.  I have also avoided the reds as even the small bits in the browns and blacks just hit the fabric as a speck.  I may have to do a real experiment though to see what happens.  This is Intense Blue, Leaf Green and Sun Yellow (Pro Chem names).

This is a grape and intense blue sateen.  I should note that all the pieces in this blog are at least 45 inches by 72 inches and that I am showing the total piece.

This is Basic Brown and Leaf Green - again a sateen.  They are ironed this time and that is a fold down the middle there.

Green again with just a bit of brown.

Mostly brown with just a little green.

Another blue and grape.

Yellow, green and a little blue.

Same as above!

This is blue, grape,  green and some yellow.

This was my absolute favorite!!  Green, grape, a little blue and some yellow.

Today I decided I would try some one yard lengths so we shall see how they turn out.  I tried something different with the yellow, making a very intense solution but I think it made little difference as it just won't go into solution in high concentrations and it needs to be in solution to dye the fabric!

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Vicki W said...

These are fabulous! I really love the symmetrical patterning.