Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unfolding the Eight Repeats - More Shiborice

I just finished ironing the latest of my experiments which was an 8-repeat.  It was fan folded across the width and then folded in half repeating the pattern to the left 8 times.  So you will see how it unfolded in the following photos.  I can definitely see my scrunching pattern here as well.  This was how the fabric was folded and I scrunched almost creating ridges from top to bottom and very little side to side.  Normally when scrunching the fabric, I would do both ways but the fabric is pretty narrow by this point (about 11 inches wide by 18 inches long).  I had several of these "packets" lined up on the racks so applying the dye was a bit random as I didn't know where one ended and the next began.  I did try to concentrated on the edges with the darkest dye.  There is a mix of all sorts of colors in here.  Thank goodness I am starting to run out of those very old dyes!  The fabric is print cloth from the last order ever from Marshall Dry Goods which no longer sells the pfd fabric.  Luckily I bought 200 yards the last time I ordered!  I still have some of that left as well as some 108 wide print cloth from them.  They were the cheapest source I ever found!

This is unfolded once which basically gives you one of the four fat quarters that make up the design.

Here is half the piece.

This is the whole piece of fabric which is 45 x 36 inches.  I think the eight repeat is the best so far from a repeating and depth of shade standpoint.

This is the same piece only I just showed a chunk out of the middle in this photo.

I did thirteen yards this time around.  I won't show you all of them but I was quite happy with them although I still have some experimenting to do.  The following pictures will first show  the 1/8 of a yard piece showing the repeat pattern and then the whole piece



shilsenbeck said...

very cool looking

Vicki W said...

These are spectacular!!

Vicki W said...

Beth, are you saying that Marshall's is no longer carrying any PFD fabric or just a specific one? A friend made a call to them and confirmed that they are still selling PFD fabric so I thought your comment might have applied to a specific one.

Beth Brandkamp said...

Last time I checked, Marshalls wasn't offering pfd online -- maybe only wholesale now? The last batch I got was great!!

Unknown said...

Beth, I love your ice dyeing results. Do you have a tutorial on how you do the ice dyeing? Betty Ann