Sunday, October 6, 2013

Another Visit to Greenfield Lake Park

This female Anhinga was really far far away but thought she was rather stunning and posed for quite some time!  I had seen two others earlier but they were also far away!

My daughter and  my husband wanted to try to walk around Greenfield Lake so I let them off and I explored around the amphitheatre area the whole time they were gone.  The bush where so many butterflies had congregated was over the hill so I didn't see all the beautiful butterflies I saw last week.  Thanks to a local butterfly guy, I did get the Skipper from the other day identified -- it is an Ocola Skipper which is fairly common in the south in the fall.  

I did see several warblers and the Redstarts were the most prominent but also saw a Palm Warbler as well as my old favorite the Yellow Rumped Warbler.  There may have been others but a wedding was being set up at the gazebo with a guitar player practicing with a microphone -- not conducive to seeing or hearing lots of birds!
I think this Great Egret is always in the same place at the lake!  He also posed nicely for me on this beautiful day yesterday.

Not uncommon, but the first time I have seen down here -- a Red Bellied Woodpecker  hammering away on one of the trees oblivious to the wedding prep!

Not sure if I have identified this correctly, but think it is an Oak Toad -- it was very small and dark.  They are identified by the stripe down the back which seemed very light but the other toads were all much larger.

I didn't see this at the park, but at my neighbor's on one of their bushes.  I included it as it is the first time I have seen a hummingbird down here on the island although my neighbor had kept telling me she was seeing them all the time!!  I had thought I was photographing one of the elusive dragonflies when I took this picture!

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