Thursday, October 24, 2013

Now I Know Where the Birds are at Ft. Fisher!!

My birding friend Bruce said he was going to be down by the Ft. Fisher Ferry to try to spot the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher again so I decided that grocery shopping could wait and met him down there.  As I live so close by, I wondered down to the boat launch and saw all these kayaks waiting to go out on one of those guided tours to Zeke Island.  You can see what a beautiful day it was.  That is a Great Egret in the background (the white dot!).

There were five Ruddy Turnstones right by the ramp.

This lovely Snowy Egret was fishing in a little pond by the parking lot.  I see lots and lots of Great Egrets but not so many of the Snowy Egrets.

By the visitor parking lot (which I didn't even know existed), there is a large field with a fence keeping you out of a federally patrolled area.  There were lots and lots of Eastern Phoebe's perching on the fence.  I couldn't get too close without them flying off.  

I was still quite a distance but FINALLY saw the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher which has been hanging around for a few days now.  You don't normally find these in this area so he was a bit lost.  His tail feathers are not as full as they will be.  There were of course other birders there.  Bruce came down and joined me and pointed out a number of other birds in the trees.  During the migration, this is a good place to come.  It is a little late this year to see all the warblers, but I will know next year!

He is actually eating a fly in this picture!

As I got closer to him, he flew to the top of this tree where Bruce says he hides.  Amazingly while we were there, a hawk was casing him out but he saw the hawk before we did and flew away.  He has been here for almost a week now.

Not sure what kind of sparrow this is.  The consensus is that this is a Song Sparrow, a bird I have seen a bit down here.

Again, I think this is a Palm Warbler. There were a ton of the Yellow Rumped Warblers around as well.

Bruce then showed me another pathway down by the aquarium where there is a small pond and several walkways.  We saw Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers, Flickers, Meadowlarks, Titmouse and a Merlin (we think).  There were no opportunities for good pictures though.  I truly can't believe I live right next door to this veritable bird sanctuary.

At least I was able to show him where I took all the butterfly pictures as he was going to try for some as well!

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