Monday, October 21, 2013

Catching Up!

One of our pretty fall sunsets here at the beach!

I have been down for the count the past couple of weeks with a nasty chest cold that has left me hacking away.  It isn't gone but I am definitely feeling better and finally got out for a walk yesterday.

I don't know whether this is the same Tricolor Heron I have seen before at Carolina Beach Lake or not.  He is really quite striking I think.

Just another view of the above heron.  There was a kingfisher there that day as well but I didn't get my camera in place before the dog walkers scared him away!

There are still pitchers on the pitcher plant down at Carolina Beach State Park but not the beautiful flowers there were in the spring.

This beautiful Orb Weaver spider was building his web in the woods.

I was surprised to find a new butterfly (for me) down at the park - a Grey Hairstreak -- a common butterfly but I hadn't seen one down here before.  

Hopefully I will be getting out more frequently again.  
I have actually started to sew a little finally!!  I have just feel too lousy to do much of anything for the past ten days.  I am beginning a piece I have planned for along time.  Basically an abstract depiction of the beach, water and sky.  I was gifted a packet of fat quarters by a guest last year and the colors just reminded me of the beach.

 This is a different view of the above where you can see more of the orange on the back end of the wing and also the light orange on the front part of the wing.

In another month my ducks should start returning to the local waterways.  I always look forward to that!!  

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Scotkat said...

Beautiful sunset Beth hope you feel better soon.