Friday, October 25, 2013

Better Pictures of the Flycatcher and Phoebe!

Well, our celebrity bird - the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - is still down by the Ferry and I met lots of new people today trying to get a picture.  Eventually he tires of the company and hides for a bit but if you back off and wait, he comes back.  Sitting up in the tree is his favorite hiding place.  It is extremely rare to see him in this part of the country!

Now, I am told there has been an Avocet down there for the past week as well so I have got to find him now.....and the Great Horned Owls as I know where they hang out now too...

This is his favorite place to hang out -- on this fence.  One of the other birders got much closer than I did but I definitely did better today than yesterday.  I am probably 35 feet away from him.

I even got a better picture of the Eastern Phoebe where you can actually see some whiskers by his or her beak.  There are a lot of them that like the fence.

As I was heading out to see the birds, I spotted this Long-tailed Skipper on our hibiscus.  Haven't seen one of these on the Island before -- only down by the battleship.  He has a blue body like the Checkered Skipper.

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Mary Louise said...

Beth - your photography is just beautiful. I am so impressed with the birds and butterflys. How are you going to have time to make them all into quilts????

Mary Louise