Saturday, April 11, 2015

And On We Go!

Okay, so I went back and looked at the pattern and it does say "Easy".  Well, Each block is really really easy to construct and they come out perfectly.  However, that is the only easy part!!  If I had used just the colors on the pattern and had just the right amount of each fabric, it might have been easier, but there are so many abbreviations and charts, I am not sure that would have been the case.  Anyway, I didn't want to use her colors and I didn't have enough of any fabric as I challenge myself to only use the fabric I bring down with me and this year I chose to bring a lot of fat quarters and half yard pieces.  The challenge now is to find enough of each fabric that it looks like it was supposed to be different colors or shades of colors.  So far, so good!!  I have chosen white as the background "color" as I do have some of that and it gives a nice clean look to the quilt and I have found I like doing quilting in the white areas.  Here you can see that I have completed the center block and the eight leaves blocks that surround it.

Well, here I  have added the "petals" to the big flowers.  They look blue in the picture but they are really two different violet/blue fabrics, one a hand dye and one a fabric that I had three fat quarters of.  The dark greens are different from the green in the middle as well.  I am using orange around the outside flowers as I wanted something a little calmer than the bright yellow in the middle.  I do need to repeat that bright yellow again but you have to be awfully careful with yellow so I will probably just add a very thin yellow border as well as a little wider fuchsia border as I don't plan on using the fuchsia again anywhere and don't have much of it anyway!  I do have quite a bit of the yellow which is one of my hand dyes.  You can see here I have decided on a pale blue for the stars between the larger flowers.  I have just enough of that to complete the stars (I hope).    It is a batik that I found in my stash for down here.

Ah, here you see the difference between the purples on the four corners and the ones on the inside.  Making progress.

This is as far as I have gotten this week.  I haven't sewn the stars together yet so hopefully no big winds will take them off my design wall while I visit my daughter in Charlotte.  Of course, my first day here she managed to break her big toe on a Friday night and we had to go off to the Emergency Room!!  I told her not to move that big tv.....

I was auditioning fabrics as background for the leaf blocks around the outside and have decided to go with more of the white although I toyed with just using a slightly darker shade of blue but blue can get really overwhelming and for some reason, even though blue is one of my favorite colors, I hate working with it.  Blue and white quilts I have made are torture to finish and I have given many away so I don't have to look at them anymore!

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Claire said...

I've been enjoying your Petal Play blocks. I bought the pattern a few months ago to use with some specific fabric and ended up doing something else. Your selections are much more interesting than the original.