Sunday, April 19, 2015

Progress Continues and Only a Little Time Left!

Definitely making progress but have no idea how you would do this quilt without a design wall.  You just couldn't do it.  I have started doing the outside leaf blocks and decided on adding star blocks in each corner using the fuchsia from the middle.  I tried various and sundry ways to "end" those corner blocks (continuing the green up to the fuchsia, extending the fuchsia to meet the green) but didn't like any of the alternatives so went with this and a white background even in the setting triangles.  It definitely needs a border treatment which is my next challenge with my limited fabric choices down here!

I finished all the outside pieces and started sewing the rows together and here I have joined four rows on the diagonal.  Always difficult to keep track  of things on the diagonal, especially which setting triangles go where.  

The middle of the top is all finished in this photo and I have finished the newest season of Midsomer Murders at the same time!!  I love this English mystery series and own dvds of all 25 seasons!  

So now I am testing borders.  I am definitely going to do a yellow border next to the white although it doesn't show up much there so will make it wider than I usually do.  I am trying various shades of purple around the outside and thought I might do orange.

Here I have tried a darker purple but definitely have rejected that -- too dark.  I do have a piece of more bluish purple that I like the best so far (no picture).

I thought I would like some orange but don't think I like that either although I may put some in the corners -- to be determined.  Lots of auditioning and cleanup tomorrow as currently the room where I sew looks like a tornado hit it as I have been pawing through boxes trying to find the best matches!

I do have to get some cleaning done as I have guests arriving on Tuesday and more on Saturday and then I head north not too long after that.


Kathleen Banfield said...

Beth, I LOVE the colors you chose--they all blend and flow together like an Impressionist painting! You are the most talented quilter I have ever seen, and I never met you in person! How did you learn to quilt? I want to try bigger projects (I quilt on a much smaller scale than you; namely, garments, pillows--I never made a full-sized bed quilt, although my paternal Grandma made me one when I was a baby)

Vicki W said...

That's going to be such a pretty quilt!