Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Some New Critters for Me!

When I first saw three squirrels off in the woods, I assumed they were grey squirrels with something white in their mouths.  However, they are Fox Squirrels which I figured out even before blowing up the pictures  They are really too cute for words with those little mouse-like faces.  I have seen them several times now.

I had headed out to these woods at Carolina Beach State Park in search of a Great Horned Owl as I had seen some pictures on FB from birding friends.  I guessed it would be in the same place it had been reported a couple of years ago and headed to the path.  Sure enough, in only a slightly different place this very large owlet was sitting on a branch but no mom was nearby.  They are hard to miss as they are so large!!  They are  22 inches tall according to my bird book.

I went back the next day to hopefully show my sister and her friend March and sure enough, he was about in the same place with the sun shining on him

Just another angle but you can see his bright yellow eyes staring down at me -- he is turned here.  This was the first time I have seen a large owl in the wild.
the only other owls I have seen in the wild were the Burrowing Owls down in Florida.  Next year I will search for a Barred Owl!

I have also diligently for quite some time now been searching for Painted Buntings which I know are down here.  They decided to come out the day I took my sister over so we were all thrilled with this sighting as well!

Even though he is at the feeder in the park, you can see all his colors here which
are spectacular -- like seeing a tropical bird.

I went back the  next day and the male was at the feeder with a juvenile (I think).  What a thrill!


Kathleen Banfield said...

You're right--they DO resemble tropical birds! I posted some birdie pics, too, but none as good as your pics.I'm still waiting for that Red-Shoulder hawk to re-appear!

Robin Brann said...

I love your blog. It is a breath of fresh air and I've learned the difference between the Egret and the Ibis along with other things I ponder! Now how do I follow your blog? There seems to be no option to get updates?
Thank you o I for sharing

Robin Brann said...

I found it!