Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring is Finally Here!

There was a whole row of Royal Terns down at Ft. Fisher on a rainy day last week.  They are all banded but I can't read any numbers but probably the color means something.

One of the Terns is quite vocal and you can actually almost see the eye here!

There was a conflagration of gulls down by the rock wall at Ft. Fisher and I took pictures for identification later figuring they were probably Ring-billed or Laughing Gulls.  Surprise, surprise, they were Bonaparte Gulls which I have seen before but not in this number.  I still have to identify the other strange birds in this picture (the dark ones).  

Ft. Fisher was beautiful today with these big billowy clouds that just dissipated as I was walking.

There are always House Finches belting out their songs by the house.  This is a very colorful male.

I finally finished quilting the Houses quilt that I started in the Flavin Glover class.  Of course, having it sit on the wall, I noticed two mistakes in it!  I am relatively pleased now that I have done the quilting.  I wouldn't do another one though as much as I like log cabin blocks.  I don't like making quilts that someone is well known for!!  The good part is that all the fabrics in this quilt are either my hand dyes or my hand marbled fabrics.

This is just a closeup showing the quilting more clearly.  There are curvy lines in the sky, twirlies in the trees and then just straight lines in the houses, one one the seam line and then one bisecting each piece.


Unknown said...

Beth, I LOVE your "houses"! Also, since you obviously capture such amazing nature photos, have you ever entered a photography contest? I'm trying to nail a nearby golden eagle--which is pretty awesome, considering where I live--but either my camera is lousy or I'm just not that good a photographer! I suspect BOTH--LOL! Have a blessed Easter!

Unknown said...

Beth, you have inspired ME to create a blog! I mentioned you on hookinandpraying, which is my brand-new blog on Google! You may have enabled something good...hopefully! Love and thanks,