Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Starting Something New -- It was Supposed to be Mindless.....

Each year when I head south, I bring projects that I just haven't gotten around to doing and probably won't at home where I have so many options!  I had picked up this piece of fabric, knowing that there was another kalaidoscopic quilt in my future.  I have made so many of the Serendipity quilts, I thought I would try a pattern for a four repeat kalaidoscopic quilt that I picked up in Florida at a quilt show a couple of years ago.  Figuring a four repeat would be mindless, I lined up the fabrics and cut my strips and squares. That was simple!  And then.....

This is the pattern, and naturally I am going to do the queen sized version which is the bigger quilt on the cover (92 x 92).  This is NOT a simple quilt!  And the only way I am comfortable making the color choices (which is usually a no-brainer for me) is to do sample blocks to see if I like the colors.  I wanted a much more subtle pallette as I want it for the beach here and the beach just calls for a more pastel pallette.  I think the color choices made in the pattern overwhelm the kalaidoscopes and I wanted them to shine through.

Making the blocks begins.  Nice to just do the four repeats once you get the knack of switching them in the right directions.  Sewing together is a snap, especially when watching Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time - a very soothing background for sewing.

I made so many blocks that I had to clear off my big design wall and put up the blocks in their relative places although they are all oriented on point where I only show the big ones on point here.

Here I have made the flying geese and squares that finish off the so-called "leaf" blocks.  Four on the inside have this arrangement and all the ones on the outside will be this too.  I am using white fabric for the background and miscellaneous hand dyed greens for the leaves.  The designer uses a clever way of making the four flying geese blocks fairly easily and very accurately but some odd cutting sizes for sure!  You make four at a time starting with nothing but squares.

I would like to get the top done before I head home in a few weeks.  I have guests one week though and a trip to my daughter's for another week so we shall see how I do!  Complicating this, is the fact that we are having beautiful weather so I want to be outside all the time!

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Unknown said...

Oh Beth, you put me to shame! I could NEVER partake such a challenging project--it seems so very daunting! Of course, I am no way as talented as you.But still...I think I'll retreat to my lowly log-cabin design and TRY to motivate myself to cut all those strips--LOL!