Monday, July 20, 2020

Birds of Paradise Stack and Whack -- the End

For your viewing enjoyment,  60 of the 74 blocks that I made from the Birds of Paradise fabric.  These were by far my favorite of all the stack and whacks I have done.  Now to just figure out how I want to set them!!  Many decisions including size, set and whether to use the matching posie blocks, of which I have 104!!  I suspect there is more than one quilt here!!

Part 2!

Part 3!

As I am still confined to the downstairs and doing all my sewing sitting on a bed with the sewing machine in my lap, I sent dear husband up to the sewing room to find my plastic bag full of house parts.  Three trips later and many plastic bags later, he still couldn't find them! He did find a bag of kaleidoscope triangles from a project where I had overachieved the cutting!!  So there will be some kaleidoscope quilts to be made til the pieces run out -- there are fewer blue pieces than the lighter background pieces.  This is a common set of this pattern but I hadn't done one myself before.

I also found a few bags of strips so will sew those together as well.  Wed I go back to the surgeon and maybe will get this cast off and something else put on but don't know.

Sitting outside, I always have my camera to capture some bird pictures.  Today, it was damselflies.  Although I a having some difficulty with identification, I think this is a female Ebony Jewelwing as that was the only one in the book with the white wingtips.   I took about 100 pictures to finally get this one as it is very difficult to get a pic of a small skinny dragonfly sitting on an azalea!

And surprisingly, I saw another damselfly on our Japanese Cherry a few minutes later but it didn't pose quite as nicely and didn't show me his wings.  I believe it is a  male Ebony Jewelwing.  Is romance in the air?

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