Wednesday, March 26, 2008

After the Jacket Class

Well, we spent another wonderful day at Marcia's studio working on our jackets. We had a smaller group this time and Priscilla was working on a jacket rather than spending all her time teaching us. We all made a lot of progress, I must say.

Donna is definitely making progress on her jacket here. Here are the fronts partially sewn together. It is really shaping up!

I couldn't resist taking this picture of Donna working on her jacket. She got a whole lot accomplished on this one day and I am sure will be done in no time.

She even managed to get quite a bit of the piecing finished on the back which exceeded ever her expectations.

This is the beginnings of Priscilla's jaguar jacket. I fell absolutely in love with the panel which Priscilla found on ebay. We all loved the colors that she is surrounding it with. It is such a nice shade of blue and she found so much to match it from her stash. We all very much encouraged her NOT to put those drop dead gorgeous beaded pieces on the jacket as then we could swoop down on them. She didn't fall for it and will probably include some of them on the front. They were stunning but then the whole jacket is stunning.

This is pretty much how the jacket back looked at the end of the day.

Here is the front of Marcia's jacket. She spent a lot of time moving one of the patches in the front so that it would show -- that is the tricky thing about clothing -- some places just don't show when you put the clothing on! The jacket is really shaping up and should be very elegant when finished -- especially with all that black pieced work.

Well, here is the final picture of the front of my jacket. I am relatively pleased with the changes that I made. I had already finished the back as well.

However, after getting home and now seeing this picture (taken from Priscilla Kibbee's blog -, I realized that having the black at the bottom of the back would just not do!! It made the jacket look like it was short in the back sooooooo. I got home and first undid the lining (which I had sewn in after adding all the interfacing which I had managed to forget before) and then undid the stitching holding down the middle piece. Everything is flip and sew so it builds out from this center piece. I then put in a couple of strips. I am still not totally happy as the bottom strip only shows about 3/8 inch but at least it is a bright color so the jacket shows its length. I then reassembled everything and of course forgetting the shoulder pads yet again. I will slip them in through the armholes as I refuse to take out the basting a THIRD time!!!

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