Monday, March 3, 2008

A day at the Orchid Show at the Botanical Gardens

This is a view from the window of our room just at sunset. We came back to the room some days to rest before heading back downtown for a show each night.

Well, I happened to see that there was an orchid show at the Botanical Gardens so I found out which train to take and we headed off on Wednesday morning. It was very cold but beautiful and sunny. The orchid show had only opened a couple of days before.

This is me standing in front of a bank of all different kinds of orchids to give you a feel for how they were displayed. Double clicking on any of the pictures will make them bigger. I will be adding a slide show to this blog in a couple of days.

Well, they don't do anything halfway in New York City!! The Botanical Gardens are located in The Bronx just north of the Zoo. We had never been there before but will definitely go back some time when you can tour the outside gardens which cover 550 acres! We had to be satisfied with the Conservatory which was fantastic!! I am sure I haven't been in anything as well done as that ever.

I had been to Longwood Gardens many times but it pales in comparison to this. Add on top of that the absolutely fantastic orchid show -- well, it was a great way to spend half a day. Supposedly there were 2000 varieties of orchids. The display was unbelieveable -- they were woven into the permanent displays with bowers, arches and orchids hanging from trees as well as planted among the other exhibits.

It was truly breathtaking and the day was so beautiful and sunny to begin with! I have included a few pictures for your viewing pleasure but will post a Picasa album later on as I took a lot of pictures there of the various orchids.

Everything in the Conservatory is kept well groomed and beautifully maintained.

Despite the number of people, you felt many times like you were by yourself. It was a definite "must see".

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