Friday, March 21, 2008

More Jacket Pictures

Well, I have included some of the pictures of the various jackets that were made in the class. Everyone's approach was very, very different and you learn as much from that as the class itself. It is always good to see what advice Priscilla is giving to others.

Julie Brandon was working the fastest in the class and had this luscious batik plus some of her own shibori dyed fabric to work with. Julie is a prolific doll maker and I was waiting to see a doll face apear somewhere!

Instead of going with lots of piecing, Julie went with embellishing the beautiful fabric with lots of couched yarns and then added some appliqued embellishments on both front and back. This is one of my favorite vest/jackets -- like the one I made in the first class.

Here is Julie trying on the jacket so that she and Priscilla can do the last minute fitting.

This was a beautiful vest that Jeanne was working on. She decided to limit the piecing she did and concentrate on decorative stitching as well. She added bronz cording between panels which just spiffed the whole vest right up a notch!

Donna spent most of her first day having Priscilla guide her through the fabric selection process for several jackets to be made. Donna chose a wonderful Japanese panel for the back of her jacket and by Day 3 had a good beginning on the front of the jacket.

This is the front of Donna's jacket. She is going to be sewing like crazy next Tuesday when we again meet at Marcia's.

This is our wonderful host Marcia's jacket back with the wonderful batik and Guatemalan trims. She is doing a lot more embellishing and piecing than she did with her last garment.

This is the beginnings of one of the fronts. Double click on the picture and you can see the intricate black "close value study" she has done here. She spent lots of time sewing strips together and then cutting apart.

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