Saturday, March 15, 2008

Patricia's March, 2008 Quilt Show

Well, it is trying to become spring and the temps were obviously conducive to large numbers of people coming out for the quilt show at Patricia's Fabric House. As usual, there were a lot of wonderful quilts and tons and tons of people as she also has a 25% off sale running at the same time!!

I really enjoyed seeing some quilts that were from people I had not seen before and have included a few here for your viewing pleasure. I added a few more to my Picasa Album.

This is the first quilt done by a local quilter who I did meet. She was inspired by the poppies on a plate that she had and came up with the design herself using a book on landscape quilts.

This quilt was done by our own Pat Berardi in a class taught by Sylvia Einstein. This was very un-Pat like and we loved it!

This was one of two lovely quilts by Mary Rankin in the quilt show. There is all sorts of lovely beading on this piece which you may see if you double click on the picture for a closeup.

This was a lovely all wool applique.

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