Saturday, March 8, 2008

We Stop the Travelogue for a Brief Update of My Quilting Adventures!

Winter has arrived in Western New York -- too bad it is just a couple of weeks until spring is officially here! I thought with our numerous times away, we might escape winter entirely this year.
Well, the weather has not been behaving but I did manage to get to my friend Marcia's house on Friday for a wonderful day working in her studio with both Marcia and Priscilla Kibbee.

Priscilla has become an official quilter with one finished top she had been working on and one in process which we got to see for the first time yesterday. It was of course in Priscilla's laid back muted colors (LOL)!! It isn't done yet but we all pitched in to see if we could rearrange the blocks.

I made excellent use of the wonderful design walls and set up the rows and columns for my Depression Sherbet Extreme Quilt. I spent much of today sewing on the sashing between the vertical sides of the blocks and am quite pleased with how it is coming together. Just have to make some final design decisions on the nine patches which will attach to the sashing strips. EQ6 will get called into use yet again!

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