Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

Well, finally I have gotten the more than 150 9-patches done for the cornerstones for the Depression quilt which contains 132 blocks. Double click on the picture to see it bigger. It is in two pieces as I want to quilt the sections separately and then put them together so that I won't ruin my shoulder for another year (like the huge one I did a couple of years ago). I will also add the borders after the whole thing is quilted as well. This quilt was inspired by one I saw for sale on Ebay. Linda Franz (one of our club lecturers) knew the woman who owned the top and said she had self published a pattern which I bought. It was much like the Dear Jane book in that it only presented black and white line drawings of each of the block but did give the Blockbase source for most of them. I redid many of them for one reason or another. I decided to declare this quilt done after doing 139 blocks even though there were many more in the original. It is time to move on to more non-traditional styles! Doing these small blocks is like eating potato chips, you can't just do one. The workmanship is FAR from perfect but some of the 4 inch blocks have more than 100 pieces and many of them contain 50 or 60.

Can't seem to make up its mind out there whether it is winter or spring. It snows and then it is sunny. Feels like a good day to have at my sewing room which looks like a tornado recently went through it! At least I have managed to clear off most of the stuff from the sewing cabinet so I can get down to some machine quilting which is next on the sewing agenda!

It will be a busy week with Lisa coming home on Wednesday night and me also having a three day class with Priscilla. It will be another jacket making class so I look forward to it and will try to make a black and red jacket this time. I have picked out most of the fabrics but still have to get some "stuff" together for embellishment. Soon after Lisa leaves, Marcia and I will spend a day dyeing and then quickly I will be heading to Las Vegas for a few days. My main goal for the trip is to see the Grand Canyon so I have booked a day tour which includes the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead (been there already!). It will be a LONNGGG day but will be my highlight. We are also scheduled to see one of the Cirque shows one night as Warren has always wanted to see one of those (Mysterie).


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