Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another "Noble" Day at QBL - Day 3

This is our "Noble" teacher demonstrating yet another technique. Just when you thought there were no more tricks, she has one more up her sleeve.

Well, lots of excitement for me today! For once, things seemed to work and I decided to keep two trays going instead of one. I did the same color palette in both. I think that I will do different palettes in the two trays tomorrow as switching from one pallette to another in the same tray makes for some mess and colors you don't want and some muddiness (at least that is what my experience was).

We got to use the paints that we had brought from home today. Now I have done quite a bit of fabric painting in the past (kind of in the Mickey Lawler or Elizabeth Busch styles). My paint of choice was always the Pro Chem pigments and their colorless extender. That way I could mix up my own colors either light or dark. I have tried others but preferred these. The last marbling class I took used Createx airbrush paints exclusively so I had a bunch of those (in opaque which is what I prefer). I also had purchased a number of Golden Liquid Acrylics some time ago but found I didn't care for them for as they are very heavily pigmented and leave the hand of the fabric a little stiff. So they have sat mostly unopened for several years.

Well today that all changed!!!! I loved using both the Createx and the Golden Acrylics -- the colors were so intense and they behaved so beautifully for me today. I really played around a lot and learned a lot but had only one piece which I LOVE but if I get one piece a day that I LOVE, I will be happy!! It is amazing to go around the room and see what people are doing and how different everyone's pieces are!

This is the only way to really begin to learn marbling -- to immerse yourself in it for days and experiment and see what you get! This will give me a winter occupation as I will definitely do more of this now!! And I can FINALLY use all those wonderful Golden Acrylics that I had. For some reason, it never occurred to me to use them for marbling!! Duhhhh...

This was a piece done by another class member (Dori)and she loved it and I did also!! Double click on it or any of these to see closeups.
Her friend Elaine did this one which I thought was quite cool also!

This was the second piece I did today and found out that the gold Createx did indeed float which was a pleasant surprise!
This was made with aged black Createx and some of the nice red from Golden which is a very rich color.

This was again using the Golden paints and was just fun and bright!

This was my favorite piece that I have done yet. I used some burnt umber, gold and an aging black to get this effect. Mixing (but not well) the brown and black gave the shadey effect. Today I had not feathering at all which I had a lot of yesterday! You just never can tell. I do like the feathering and had to do some of my own later in the day. Those pieces are still drying.

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sandy said...

Hi, Beth,
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I always get a thrill when I arrive at your blog and find out you've posted about a new class or some work you've done. I really appreciate the detailed info. I'm so excited about the beautiful marbling I can hardly sit still. Think I'm going to have to find a way to take Elin's class myself!

Thanks, again!