Monday, July 28, 2008

A Marbelous Day at QBL

Well, it is the end of the first day and I am pooped already. As usual, my class is the furthest distant classroom from the dorm I am staying in. It doesn't matter which dorm I stay in, this is always the case!! Anyway, lots of walking.

Well, the class I am taking is Marbling which is a monoprinting technique which uses acrylic paints which float on a size and then you print fabric that has been pre-treated with alum (yes, the same stuff you use for pickles).

Elin Noble is the teacher and as usual she is fantastic! I have picked up enough new hints today that I have gotten my money's worth already!! That always seems to be the way with Elin's classes. She is extremely knowledgeable and totally likeable as well so her classes are always entertaining as well as filled with information! I really arrogantly wasn't sure how much I could learn new. I have marbled (mostly badly) a bit in the past so figured I would just have a relaxing week of playing. Well, it is that but I am also going with Elin's totally new approach to it which is great.

This is the classroom which is really half of the gym for the school. We have tarps and plastic everywhere!

These were my first three attempts. The middle one is my very first. If you cut very small pieces from them, they might be okay!
This is the class's output hanging on lines. Everyone seems to be doing more than me and much nicer pieces! Oh well, I am old...

I really liked this one a lot.
I thought these were very cool also.


anne said...

Beth! These photos blow my mind! I want to do that! My question to you is what will you use the fabric for? I think each piece is a work of art in its self!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you, your pieces are terrible!
Send them to me so you don't have to look at them any more!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, I think they are drop dead gorgeous. Some of the best in the photo.KS