Thursday, July 10, 2008

Followup to Yesterday's Salt Dye

Well, just had to post a couple of pictures of my attempt yesterday and you can see the results today. I am extremely pleased and ratcheting up the dyes seems to work the way I want. Now I must say that it was quite chilly last night so I covered it up with plastic to keep it moist. It is amazing that it was almost dry yesterday afternoon but an evening under plastic and it was moister by morning. I then took it and dumped it into the microwave for a few minutes (it is a two yard piece) to make sure that the dyes had enough time and heat to work. It seemed to work just fine as most of the work had been done so no transfer and it was only damp.

So here they are. They are a little fuzzy as I was taking pictures indoors with no flash. I don't like to take closeups with the flash on as it does weird things and bleaches all the color out and then I have to manipulate the images.

Again, I used first golden yellow and then sponged on intense blue and turquoise. I followed this up with mixing red. I tried to cover every white space. I love it when the salt pulls all the color away and leaves white though! I am very pleased with these overall. The red never migrates but if you put enough blue on, it kind of moves the red along with it occasionally. Double click on these and you can see the closeups.