Monday, July 14, 2008

More Quilts from the Quilt for Life Challenge

Ten more quilts were delivered to the Scarlett Thread in Webster to join the other thirty we have and there were some stunning quilts in this bunch as well. There are some talented artists in Rochester and many of these are outside the confines of the established art quilt community here in this area.

The theme of the Challenge was Tree of Life and the ladies certainly did add their interpretations to this. These next two were a bit similar but very different at the same time! The first one was done by Christine Schultz and the second by Cynthia Sennett Vassallo.

This was a quilt done by Janet Berlo who is a Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester. She is (or was) also on the Board for the University of Nebraska quilting center. There are all sorts of buttons and embellishments on this nice interpretation.
This was done by Joyce Martelli who is a member of our Rochester Area Fiber Artists group. The colors and design are wonderful.
This is my favorite of the entire series of quilts! It was done by a doctor here in the Rochester area -- Sharon Glezen. Where she found the time to do this, I have no idea but I LOVE it!!

To see all the quilts, visit my Picasa site which is

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