Thursday, July 31, 2008

Merrily We Marble Along - Day 4

Our "Noblest" teacher demonstrating the bunny hop to those in the class not old enough to remember it! What a way to start the morning! No really-- this was part of another amazing demonstration but I couldn't resist. Elin won't stand still long enough for a non - fuzzy picture. My fellow students do though!

This is the work areas of me and my closest neighbor. The flies all gravitated to my table for some reason and only attacked her when I left the area.

This is my view across the room. People are doing amazing stuff. It is fun to see that people have already actually developed styles and you can almost figure out who made some peices without knowing. I am certainly a good example of that).

I switched to green, gold and blue this morning. The gold does show but I know will really show more when it is ironed. I was amazed that all the Createx metallics floated with ease without any help from me. Today I did add a little water to all my paints though and that speeded things up a bit. I had watched Elin yesterday afternoon and she didn't wait forever for the little buttons in the middle to fan out!!

This was the blue and yellow that I just kept adding more and more color to awaiting the arrival of my penpals from Albany! I wanted them to see the process first hand! We had a GREAT visit and it was so nice to see them. It has been a long time since I have seen Sue but did get together with Betsey in NYC in the spring which was fantastic also.

This was what one of my trays looked like before I took a print. The white is a pearlescent white so should be sparkly when dry. This was moving into my purple and blue phase. I have managed to keep this size going for two days.

This is another from my green and gold period. I was merrily mixing Createx and Golden paints. I rarely if ever used any surfactant to make them float better today!

This was the remainder of my orange and red period yesterday!

The day ended with me getting totally drenched to the skin even though I (1) had an umbrella, (2) got a ride most of the way to my car and (3) drove my car back to the dorm!! That was okay though as not a drop of rain got on my trusty camera.

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