Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More and More Rain and Some Dyeing!

Just a picture of some of Joe's pretty flowers!

These are pictures of about a 18 x 22 section of the piece. Each full sized piece is 2 yards.
This is another view of these pieces with different colors.


This is the piece that got literally soaked through and through about an hour after it was starting to batch. It is quite a bit lighter than the other pieces but I was amazed to have any color at all.

Another fat quarter chunk. This was batched a good 24 hours and then nuked for 4 minutes to top it off. It looked almost totally black before washing.

Just another view.

Well, the weather has not been at all cooperative and life has been very exciting around here besides! I did finally manage to get some pictures that looked like the fabric. For some reason, my camera (which usually takes the best pictures) rebels when it comes to fabric and I get these strange wavy lines when using the flash. So I took these from a distance and zoomed and so they are not too bad.

These are the pieces I have done over the last couple of days. Generally, I have just put some of every color on them trying to get every combination and permutation. They have all sat for at least 24 hours and then were nuked before washing out. I only nuked the last two for a total of about four minutes altogether. They were still very wet this morning as was piece yesterday. We can't seem to lose the humidity although there hasn't been that much warmth -- just a consistent 80. Two more pieces today with the leftover dyes and then a hiatus until I return from QBL in Morrisville where I do a week of marbling (and hopefully blogging as well).

Why the heck does the magnolia tree in the front of our house have a load of flowers at the end of July??

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Judy said...

Hi Beth,

I am doing some salt studies using silk and Procion MX dyes. I love the photos that you have posted of your muslin results, and wondered if you would mind if I copy a couple (giving you credit, of course) and post them next to my results on my blog? I appreciate all of the info that you have furnished for your results - keeps me from having to reinvent the wheel!