Saturday, September 13, 2008

Down the Home Stretch with Ruth!!

Peaking out from behind the vegetable quilt is our indefatigable teacher, Ruth. These are the vegetables that she has in her vegetable piecing book of patterns which is one of my favorites of her books.

Well, today was exhausting as I haven't been getting a good night's sleep and I was manic about trying to get my piece finished before I leave the workshop! It was a very full day of stitching and unstitching (seemed to do more of the latter today than the other days) and then an hour ride to an idyllic retreat in Vermont where we had dinner in this wonderful house nestled deep in the woods with windows everywhere to see these wonderful 360 degree views. It was a lovely evening with fellow class members and Ruth. I came back to the motel and am packing up so I can check out first thing in the morning and head back to class and FINISH my piece.

This is a piece that is being done by Pam and pictures a Himalayan flower that had a long name. She loves flowers and you can see her earlier quilts on previous blogs. This one is stunning and I would love to hang it in my house!! She is a second time student of Ruth's.

The landscape piece is making progress and the pieces are beginning to be sewn together and the leaves are present down in the foreground.

I am struggling a bit with the background but am quite pleased with how my pelican has turned out. Ruth seems to approve of my color choices for the most part but she doesn't volunteer opinions unless directly asked!!

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