Friday, September 12, 2008

Ruth McDowell Day 3

We have all made steady progress today. I am bound and determined to finish by the end of Sunday and just may achieve this goal but I won't sacrifice the quality. Our RAFA mentor Pat Pauly has had an effect on me as I am moving fast and not obsessing about fabric choices. Just jumbling the stuff up and moving forward. The design has changed on the fly as well and may change more. You can see from the picture that I almost have the two wings done and will start on the most difficult part tomorrow morning which is the face. There will be some tiny pieces in that. With some luck I will get the face done before I leave tomorrow and then can do the rest on Sunday.

The best part (for me) is that I am using many of my marbled fabrics and many of the weird monoprints that I did a couple of years ago. Each of the prints is probably 4" x 6" but plenty big enough to cut out a chunk for a piece of wing. I have definitely been using large chunks of the marbled fabric that I had made especially knowing that I would most like do this picture or another version of it for my class project. Oh well I will just have to do more marbling when I get home!!

Well the owl is definitely coming along (Ann Shaw)nicely and hopefully we will see her mate by the end of tomorrow!

This is Cynthia's flowers which were pictured being drawn on the first day. The high contrast is really making it work.

This is Pam's flower piece which is now vying for my favorite with the owls. I love the colors in this one. Don't feel too bad as she is a repeat student as well!

This is my tablemate Phyllis's baskets which are starting to shape up. The colors are wonderful. The sewing machine came out this afternoon!!

Theresa is making real progress with her landscape with the mountains as she has a lot of the scene at least auditioned. It will be outstanding when she is done!

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