Thursday, September 4, 2008

RAFA Day and One More Spider

Whew, everyone at RAFA today got up and showed their pieces so fast that it was almost impossible to take pictures!! So I have a few blurry pictures to share!

This was Anne Fischer's piece which incorporated photographic images that she manipulated with Photoshop.

This is Donna Patrick's newest jacket from the latest Priscilla class. It incorporates some of Elin Noble's beautiful fabric.
This is Janet Root's jacket from the August Priscilla jacket class.

Again this is the front. Doesn't Janet look terrific!!

She was so excited about the class and the possibilities, she made a second jacket which she brought in to show!

This is Linda Bachman's finished piece from the Rosalie Dace class that RAFA members had this spring.

This was Liz's jacket from the Priscilla Kibbee class.

This is Marcia's latest jet trails which she has trapunto'd. It looked fantastic!

This is one of two pieces Mary Rankin showed. She does such beautiful work!

This was Julie Brandon's Migraine 2 or was it (My Grains - 2).

This was some Notan that Sarah was playing around with. Very nice designs.

I think that this is some kind of banded orb weaver. It doesn't have the fancy web like the Garden spider of the other day. I am having trouble identifying it and another spider that I saw today. It must be the season for them to be getting ready for winter, trapping lots of food!

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