Monday, September 15, 2008

The Last Day of Class

Sunday was the last day of class and I worked furiously to try to get my pelican done but alas, it was not to be. I have found that working very fast I am making better decisions but it has also resulted in a few sewing errors which have had to be undone. Ruth looked on almost in horror as I took out stitches with my 58mm rotary cutter!! Phyllis was sure she would cut off a finger or at a minimum have many holes in her fabric! Ruth has converted me to tic marks though!! I will never be without them again even in straight seams! It just makes the sewing so much easier and less painful.

We worked pretty much through the day again and then had a review of all our pieces before we finished at 4 and started packing up. So I have pictures of many of the partially completed tops from the ladies who were kind enough to let me take pictures of them. We all shared email addresses so I look forward to seeing some of them done and will publish them if they allow that as well!

This is Cynthia's garlic flowers I believe. It was very abstract and had wonderful fabric choices. Double click to see better.

This is the landscape which has really taken shape. There are still leaves that have to be added in the foreground in the upper right hand corner. She has very successfully done the tree on the left side and Ruth suggested she extend the quilting lines out past the ends of the branches.

This is Norma's Dutchmen's Breeches (sp) which has wonderful intricate piecing and a subtle striped fabric which appears as kind of a border around the right hand side. Double click to see better.

This is Pam looking at the last day of the Himalayan flowers. Her choice of fabric is stunning. Can't wait to see this one done.

This is Phyllis, my tablemate, with her sacks of spices which you can see are shaping up nicely. It was a picture taken on her China trip and will be combined with several other quilts she plans to do from these pictures. Double click to see the original image more closely. She has done a superb job of getting this top to look like the picture!! Can't wait to see this one done and how she handles the man that is in the background.

This is the last day of the owls. One of my pieces of drapery fabric is the chest of the male owl to the left. I loved these owls!!

This is the pelican for as far as I got it. He is all finished and diagonally the right half is finished. I still have the lower left quadrant to finish up. I have decided to stray here in the piecing of the splashes and will be doing some intricate piecing of "fabric" to fit into the area. I have several ice blues which I will intermingle with the brighter blues. Again double click to see the closeup. I already know exactly how I will quilt him and I think it will pull all the background water together!

My dear friend and my daughter's MIL Ann invited me to stay at her house on the way home from class. She lives in the Albany area so it was an easy 2 hour drive from class and then it will be another four hours home. She has three wonderful and color coordinated cats. This is Iris who has rarely missed a meal. She looks a lot like our previous cat Tasha.

This is Rocky who is a beautiful Maine coon cat. He has white under his big fluffy tail and looks a bit like a skunk when he moves away from you. He tends to be a bit of a bad kitty too and has to be into everything. The other kitty was a little shy about having her picture taken but she is Buffy and is a beautiful part Siamese with the buffy coloring but a brown striped tail. She also has a more solid build than your average Siamese but she definitely has attitude!!

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Vicki W said...

That looks like it was an amazing class. I can't wait to see your pelican as it develops.