Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Opening Reception for the Personal Landscapes Show at SUNY-Oswego

What a thrilling night to be able to have one of my pieces be displayed at the wonderful Tyler Gallery at SUNY Oswego as part of a exhibit of quilt art. Pat Pauly did an awesome job of hanging the show and again displayed her genius at design. This was the sign introducing the show as you walked into the gallery. It was very exciting to be a part of it. It will be hard to have my quilts shown hanging on sheets at our local club show! We all commented on that! There is nothing like seeing your pieces displayed as art pieces in a beautiful setting like this!

This was the curator and designer of the show and the accompanying catalog, Pat Pauly, talking with one of the artists (Sally Dutko from Ithaca).
This was a view down the gallery. Marcia DeCamp's piece is first (Jet Trails), then my Yellowstone piece and then a piece representing the Perseus meteor shower.

This is Marcia's husband Bill, Marcia, Pat Faulkner and Nancy Hicks. The quilt right behind them is by one of our RAFA group members (Ren) and was about Oswego where the show was. She teaches geography at one of the local colleges. The women are all members of our quilt art group.

This is Linda Bachman and her husband. Linda's piece is right next to her and you can see Jeanne Beck's piece way in the background.

This was Pat again enjoying herself with Jeanne Simpson and Marcia. Janet Root's piece is in the background.

This is Nancy Murty's magnificent owl which won a prize at Schweinfurth a couple of years ago.
This is Pat Pauly's piece in the show. It is one of my favorites.

This is Nancy Hicks' entry. She was working on this one at the same time I was working on mine!

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No wonder you are excited and proud--looks like a great show. Thanks for showing us the photos and congratulations!

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Claire Welch said...

Wish I had time to see the show. It looks like a winner! Thanks for the posts! And the jackets keep coming! each one is better than the next.