Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doing Inventory the Easy Way!

 Well, I took my pen and tablet down to the basement to do the inventory of my hand dyed fabrics (just the larger pieces of a yard or more).  I wanted to do this so that I could do some fill in of the colors I don't have.  I also had to see what I had in the way of dyes left as I am doing that impossible task of trying to  use up all the dyes and the fabric for dyeing simultaneously -- never happen!  I suspected I didn't have enough lights and bright colors and think I was pretty accurate there.  Above there are a few brights.  Most of what I have is made up of three colors though and there is a lot that changes color depending upon the light source!!  

Here there are lots of browns and golds.
 Took me forever to find this box that contains all my greens and also some other nice brights!
And these were all the browns and golds that I made for the lions.  I did use up a fair share of the beiges doing that lion quilt.

I also have many boxes of fat quarters -- many many boxes as a matter of fact as I must have been doing a lot of those at one point.  I may just cut those apart and make some cool scrap quilts with all the colors!!  I also have a sizeable collection of shibori, salt dyed, painted and tie dyed fabrics although I am a little low on some of the shibori patterns that I like the best.  

From my calculations, I have about 300 of  the dyed yard  pieces. When I am in full swing, I can do 50 yards a day or more.  The longest part is measuring, cutting and prewashing the fabrics.  Just have to order a couple of colors and I will be good to go while Warren is gone to Charlotte.  

Definitely think some brown/blacks,  lime greens, bright blues, sky blues, bright greens, dull blues etc are in order!!  Also will have to do some greys as I used an awful lot of what I had on the Colin portrait as well as in the Cynthia Corbin class.

Much easier to do inventory this way than writing things down!

Next will be the marbled fabrics -- I have an awful lot of these and have yet to use but a few in jackets as I can't seem to decide what kind of quilt to make with them.  

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Colleen Kole said...

I have an awful time with browns so look forward to watching what you are doing !