Thursday, June 14, 2012

GVQC June Meeting and Garage Sale and a New Toy!

Genesee Valley Quilt Club decided to do our annual picnic at our usual meeting place instead of in a park facility and as a result we had excellent attendance which was very good for me.  For weeks now, I have been accumulating a pile of fabric plus books that I needed to get rid of (even though it was definitely hard to part with some of it, believe me as it was fabric I did love but had no plan for).  I had a table just filled as well as a couple of boxes on the floor.  The  nice quilt club members made sure to buy enough that I could indulge in a treat for myself -- another camera!!

When I was in Florida and met Lilian and Don Stokes, Lilian was using a Canon point and shoot with a 35x optical zoom as her backup camera and was liking the pictures she was getting.  I have been investigating the camera over the past few weeks wondering whether I should indulge or not.  As I am heading to NYC for a couple of days next week, I thought a smaller camera would definitely be in order and since I did sell enough to cover the cost.....well you know the rest!

After all, a camera takes up about 1/1000 of the space that all those books and fabric took.
I donated all the remaining fabric that I didn't sell as well as the books before returning home so came back with a nice empty car!!  Very nice...

This is all finished and quilted and was from the first of the two workshops that Jan Krentz taught. I do love the pattern and loved the quilting as well -- click to see it closer!
I could only take pictures of smaller things today as I was still right in front of the stage where I was selling the stuff.  This is an all silk quilted pillow by our extremely prolific and talented Chris Wickert.  It is just stunning -- of course all hand appliqued and quilted and puffy applique at that!!   Pictures don't do it justice.

I really loved this scrappy quilt which was the second done by our own Janet R.  This will be part of our yearly Fall Migration retreat.  I have been collecting pictures of quilts that use black and white fabric with one additional color and I had been already planning  yellow as my additional color.  These may be the projects that go south with me this fall.  I like to challenge myself and carry a limited palette with me. I still have quite a collection of black and white despite giving away a large bag of black and white strips a couple of meetings ago.

I am beginning to feel the need to do some dyeing again now that I have the upstairs hallway pretty well sorted out and boxes removed.  My dyeing area is disaster as dear husband has been dumping anything he views as mine onto my table!  So, as I have let my dye selection dwindle a bit, I will first check what dyes I need (I only use primaries but several different ones) and then will look at what I have already in the dyed fabric boxes.  I suspect I need some lights and some primaries as I don't usually do plain colors. Maybe after I return from New  York!

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