Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jacket Progress at Marcia's

Well, there are still pins holding it together but the jacket is almost done.  Just have to do the hem finish, hand sew on the band and then do some straight stitching on the band to flatten it a bit more.  I ended  up  using one of my hand dyed sateens (shiny like the silk of the rest of the jacket) and put a small band of purple dupioni next to it.  It actually looks okay on so I did cut out another jacket today from the same pattern.  This time it was of a very stretchy highly embellished knit that I bought some time ago to make some kind of evening  jacket from.  It has bling and is black, red and gold and so will have a black silk band on it.  I couldn't use my trusty Featherwieight for sewing it as I really needed a stretch stitch -- not a FW specialty I am afraid!!

This is one of the two jackets that Priscilla put together today. She had it on and off so fast, neither Marcia nor I could snap a picture. The fabric was just beautiful and Priscilla carefully matched up all the squares. Just don't ask Priscilla how many jackets she has.....

Marcia has the only design walls big enough to photograph this large quilt !!  It is done except for a couple of strips of white I will run down the sides.  It will be big enough for the king sized bed at the beach and will have all those light airy subtle beach colors -- the bedroom is a pale blue with a natural colored carpet.

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