Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Not Finished But...

Well, accidentally this morning when I was sewing the blocks together, I placed one of the rows upside down (just pinned up on the wall) and solved my problem of how to make the quilt longer as I wanted it for a king sized bed.  It is wide enough (six of these rows).  The setting I was going to  use had three rows horizontally and they were offset with a half block alternating on the top or bottom.  It had never occurred to me to not offset the blocks!!  So now I will add the half blocks (you can see them at the bottom here) on the top as well and that will make it long enough for a king sized bed.  Now I don't have to play around with borders just for the heck of it although I may add a small border.  Of course now I had to make an additional 24 background hexagons, unsew the finishing triangles and resew.  Here I thought I was almost done...
I added this picture so you could really see how pale the colors are next to my rather bright stash!!

Here is the view across the room to more of my stash that actually looks halfway neat for a change!!

Last but not least, this is the fabric that I used to make this latest quilt.  It is a nice sateen and I had six yards of it so still have enough for more borders even after cutting out one heck of a lot of hexagons!!  I will back the quilt with a nice pale blue batik.  I think it will look great in the beach house master bedroom which is a pale blue, beige and white.

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