Saturday, June 9, 2012

RAFA, Serendipity Update, Birds and Dragonfly!

This latest Serendipity quilt is almost completed and is a very mellow  merging of lots of neutral beiges, pale greens and pale blues.  Hopefully it will look nice in the blue bedroom at the beach.  It photographs darker than it is.

The two quilts are actually made from the same pattern.  Mary Louise will be teaching it at the local quilt shop.

This was a shirt that Julia had which was stained and she had asked someone to try and dye it for her.  She was more than pleased with the beautiful result.  Looks like someone did snow or ice dyeing to get this affect --  nice...

This was a quilt that was done in the Jan Krentz class that I didn't take.  I did buy the book that this quilt is in though on my Kindle!

Well, there were lots of goldfinches at Joe's feeder today.  You can see the males to the right and in the back and the female off to the left.
Here is one of the male House Finches that frequents the feeder as well.  There were a number of females but they are kind of boring in color!

This is a dragonfly that I haven't been able to identify but you would think it would be easy with these white patches on the wing tips!!  It was sitting on our beach umbrella set up in the back yard.
And last but not least, the first of our roses ready to burst open.  The roses up here in western NY have been fabulous this year -- our neighbor's yard is aglow with color!

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