Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Priscilla's Cut Up the Sari Class

I have wanted to try this class of Priscilla's for some time and today she offered it out at Marcia's studio so off I went.  Priscilla has sold a number of us sari's (5 1/2 yds of fabric) or these long scarf-like pieces and this class was developed as a way to utilize these pieces in jackets.  You had your choice of utilizing these very light weight sari silk (which you fused to another fabric) or these  "quilted" pieces (pictured to the left) which are about 36 inches wide which are two pieces of silk sewn together every 1/8 inches which this running stitch.  I am using the lighter blue as the outside and the darker blue with be on the inside.  Priscilla had some strips that I cut up and inserted in both the back and the front to make them a little more interesting.  She nicely also provided me with some lovely turquoise silk as well.  I haven 't decided yet what I am going to do for bands yet around the front.

Here Jenna is cutting a piece of paper off of Priscilla's HUGE roll of pattern -making paper.  It was a wonderful weight.  Priscilla guided us through the measuring and the making of the three pattern pieces for the jacket which is based on a Japanese kimono jacket.  It has dropped sleeves and a slight V in front.
 Here Priscilla is guiding Liz through the refinements that we make to the pattern after cutting out our rough rectangles.
Priscilla always brings lots of fabrics and trims that we can buy or which she just lets us use to finish off the jackets.  I am trading her hand dyed fabric for some of her fabric.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this trim that Priscilla developed for a jacket that she never made.  The bottom layer is a krinkled fabric ironed onto a medium weight interfacing (she teaches a class on this and other embellishment techniques -- I have taken it three times already as she always has something new and I like to harass her!!).  She then does lots of embellishing with threads and those fancy yarns we all have saved up (and now I remember why!).  Click on the picture to see it better -- it was awesome.

Here is the back of my jacket with the inserted panel.  These jackets always look much better when done and all pressed and trimmed and banded!   Priscilla wants me to use more of the turquoise for the bands but I brought the jacket home to test some other fabrics I have here.

This is the back of Jenna's jacket.  She also used the same kind of fabric that I did with the lines of stitching although the stripes are not as pronounced in her fabric.

I am getting better with the little camera with the 35x optical zoom and got this hairy (I think) woodpecker at the feeder. 

I did see two does and three fawns on the way to Marcia's today which was very unusual!

Hoping my poor sister is okay in Colorado Springs.  So far the closest fire is still five miles away but she has posted some horrendous pictures.  They are having these horrible high temps (they don't have ac so have to keep their windows open) and all that smoke.  I would have had to leave because of my asthma by now.

I now have two new books for identifying Butterflies and Dragonflies -- both from the Stokes and already I have identified a dragonfly and butterfly that had eluded me!!  Their books are so excellent for helping in identification.

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