Monday, December 2, 2013

A Beautiful Family Wedding in Gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina!

The stars of my blog today are my youngest nephew John and his  beautiful new bride, Megan.  It is the first time that my sister and I have had most of the cousins together in probably 15 years!  My youngest flew out from Seattle, met her sister in Charlotte and we met them down in Charleston where the wedding was held at the Pavilion at the Pepper Plantation.  It was a deliriously happy time for all of us, lots and lots of laughing, children and family on both sides!

This is my sister, her husband and her one of her grandsons, Sebastian.  

This is a photo of five of the six cousins (my sister's and my kids) all grown up.  They are Laura, my sister Gail, John, Pam, Suzanne, me and LJ.

Here is a picture of the six cousins taken when they were just a bit  younger!!!  They are Rick at the top (the oldest of my sister's kids), then left to right in the top row, LJ, Pam, Laura and then John and Suzanne in the bottom row.  Would you have been able to match the  adult pictures with the children?

We took some time on Sunday to revisit Charleston at Suzanne's request.  This is Suzanne and my dear husband in front of one of the fountains in the Waterfront Park.

My two girls hamming it up!!

Just a couple of random pictures taken around Charleston.  I do think it is one of the most beautiful cities we have thanks to all the renovation that has been done!

Flowers still everywhere!

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