Thursday, December 5, 2013

Should I Rename this the Ft. Fisher Blog?

 As I was returning from Ft. Fisher, I glanced over to the left, stopped the car and took this picture of the sunset through the Live Oaks.

There are almost always deer down by the road between the boat ramp and the aquarium.  These two kindly stopped and posed for me.  There was another doe as well.  You can see a little fall color in the background!

This was the first time I have seen our Bufflehead winter visitors.  There were four females diving like crazy.  I did manage to get a couple of shots though!

There were still a couple of the Marbled Godwits there.  There were also Willets and again a lot of the Oystercatchers.

This lovely Tricolored Heron was fishing where I had the sun in back of me for a change!

This Great Blue Heron found a very large snack on the beach which he dragged into the water.  I have yet to figure out what it was -- either a very large fish or a small alligator?

This very large gull was swimming around and I am assuming it is a juvenile Herring Gull from its behavior but they look so much like the Ring Billed Gulls, not sure I have this one right -- it did look awfully large though.  It had pink legs but the description in the book had them both looking about the same!

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